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Residential Care Services

The campus-style setting will include the four residences phased for the level of care needed, a 1,200 sqft senior center for resident and family activities such as ping-pong, movies, and board games. There is a potential to link with the community’s senior center for activities that will benefit residents and community members still living in their own homes. They plan a miniature golf area and a resident’s community vegetable garden to enhance their meals. A petting zoo will be offered to 4H students who don’t have room at home. Students would care for their animals and the facility would finance the food — a win/win for students and residents.


Should remembering to take medications become challenging, A Heavenly Home helps manage this vital daily task, relieving worry from the family and resident.


Exercise keeps everyone healthier. Instead of losing exercise options, A Heavenly Home helps improve residents’ strength and balance through various exercise opportunities like yoga, tai chi, and aquatic exercise.

Emergency Assistance

Without immediate emergency help available, living at home can be a health and safety risk. A Heavenly Home offers 24-hour assistance and emergency call systems in the assisted and memory care communities.


Maintaining a household can be too much. A Heavenly Home takes household chores off the to-do list, including laundry.

Transportation Provided

Residents go where they need to go (doctor’s appointments, church, errands) with the help of our transportation services. The amenities available to our residents allow them to maintain a spirit of independence at A Heavenly Home.

Maintained Independence

At A Heavenly Home, we assist our residents as needed but encourage and support them to remain as independent as possible, always keeping their dignity in mind.

Social Interaction

Instead of experiencing feelings of isolation as it becomes difficult to go out, A Heavenly Home offers a variety of daily activities to encourage the social interaction and engagement vital to healthy living.


A Heavenly Home’s executive chefs create delicious meals for our senior living communities. Healthy nutrition is key to peace of mind… and body. View Sample Menu

Life at A Heavenly Home

Life at A Heavenly Home is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter, full of friendships, activities and a way of life created to enrich the lives of others. Residents are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of our social activities and live the luxurious life they deserve, without the obligation to keep up with chores or burdensome household tasks.

Our assisted living campuses are conveniently located near restaurants, parks, shopping, hospitals, churches and more with transportation and assistance available to make every day a day with endless possibilities.

Our Unique Amenities


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